Safe & Secure Biotechnology Platforms

This network survey supports ARPA-H’s program for Antigens Predicted for Broad Viral Efficacy through Computational Experimentation (APECx). The APECx program is developing a comprehensive toolkit to enhance the discovery of effective vaccines against a wide range of viruses. The questions in this survey will help ARPA-H ensure end-user adoption by understanding the needs of researchers that will use the toolkits and large datasets potentially generated by the APECx program for medical countermeasure design. The survey seeks to gather input from experts on how the APECx toolkit and viral protein data can be safely and securely used while balancing access for the scientific community for research purposes. The results of this survey may be used to shape future opportunities supporting the transition of the APECx program. 

The ARPA-H Customer Experience (CX) Hub is initiating this approach with a Network Survey for Safe & Secure Biotechnology Platforms. This survey, which will close on May 24, 2024, is your opportunity to contribute your expertise and perspectives. The CX Hub and ARPA-H deeply value your input and look forward to your responses. 

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Advancing Clinical Trial Readiness (ACTR)

The Advancing Clinical Trial Readiness (ACTR) effort seeks to improve the nation’s ability to conduct clinical trials safely, quickly, and equitably. This is important to advance, integrate, and extend clinical trial capabilities that overcome challenges in evaluating new technologies, therapies, and platforms. A draft description of the effort can be found here.

To kickstart this effort, the ARPA-H Customer Experience Hub conducted a Network Survey, which closed on Dec. 1, 2023. The Customer Experience Hub and ARPA-H greatly appreciate the expertise and perspectives shared by all respondents. Our team and ARPA-H have closely reviewed the feedback, which is informing how ARPA-H will move forward with this initiative. The Public Summary of the responses with key themes and insights is available here. We anticipate sharing more information on future opportunities to engage with the effort soon.

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